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JISA Profile

JISA Mission

- Aiming for further growth through a strategic response to structural changes in the industry (future prospects)

- Contributing to the development of the economy and society by promoting the growth of the industry and the greater use of informationtechnology

- Improving the presence of the industry in Japan and overseas by strengthening its unifying force as Japan's leading group in the information services industry


- Total number of Members: 586 (as of September 2018)

- Regular Members - leading software developers, information processing and database / VAN service suppliers

- Associate Members - leading Japanese hardware vendors, bankers, insurers, various manufacturers, traders and common carriers


- Surveys and research

- Providing information

- Education and training

- Privacy mark certification

- Communication and exchange among business executives

- International activities

- Regional activities

- Welfare for employees

- Strengthening business fundamentals

JISA brochure No.1
JISA brochure No.2
JISA brochure No.3

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