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Name AMIYA Corporation
Website http://www.alogsmash.com/
Contact Us sales@alogsmash.com
Business Areas Audit solution business
-Development/Sales of Server Log Management Tools
IT infrastructure solution business
-Development /Sales of Network Security System/Services
Name CAC Corporation
Website http://www.cac.co.jp/english/e_index.html
Contact Us global@cac.co.jp
Business Areas Systems consulting, Systems integration, Systems development, Systems maintenance, Cloud Computing services, Big Data, Banking solutions, Pharmaceutical solutions, Pharmaceutical product development supporting, IoT solutions, Product testing, Outsourced product development, Human Resources BPO services, Mobile App. solutions, IT Security services, Data center services, Help desk services, Desktop services, Software/Hardware marketing
Name Canon IT Solutions Inc.
Website http://www.canon-its.co.jp/solution/global/english.html
Contact Us https://form.canon-its.co.jp/m?f=1151
Business Areas System development services, IT infrastructure services, Migration,
Data center services, Security solutions , Engineering solutions,
EDI solutions , ERP solutions , System management services
Name CSE Co.,Ltd            
Website https://www.cseltd.co.jp/en/
Contact Us https://www.cseltd.co.jp/en/en_form.htm
Business Areas Intelligent data 
Information infrastructure 
Information Security including patented solution, SECUREMATRIX 
Unified communication
Website http://jp.fujitsu.com/group/fip/en/
Contact Us http://jp.fujitsu.com/group/fip/en/contact/
Business Areas Outsourcing Services, Web Services, System Integration Services
Name Global Innovation Consulting Inc.
Website http://www.gicjp.com/ENG/html/n_profile/index.html
Contact Us http://www.gicjp.com/ENG/html/contact/index.html
Business Areas -Consulting for overseas market of medium-sized business (Overseas Dot-com Operation).
-Dispatching the Myanmar bilingual global system engineers in Japan
-Business alliance and consortium formation in China and ASEAN regions.
-Education and Training Service including e-learning to companies and individuals overseas.
-Seminar for various organizations and businesses (Explanation of overseas condition(especially IT related)).
Name NSD CO., LTD.
Website http://www.nsd.co.jp/english/
Contact Us web-master@nsd.co.jp
Business Areas For over 40 years since our foundation in 1969, as one of the leading systems integrators in Japan, NSD has consistently provided customers of wide-ranging business sectors and categories with system solution services including software development, software product as well as maintenance and management. We are uncovering and presenting the latest advanced technologies and products through our subsidiaries in the U.S.A. and China, and supporting customers in their global business expansion endeavors.
System Analysis and Design
Customized Development of Software programs
Administration of Facilities Management
Sales of Packaged Software and Solutions
Name OGIS-RI Co.,Ltd.
Website http://www.ogis-ri.co.jp/corporate_e/n-00.html
Contact Us info@ogis-ri.co.jp
Business Areas IT Consulting, Information Strategy Drafting, Systems Integration,
Systems Development, Network Construction, Support Services,
Systems Operation/Maintenance

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