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About JISA

Japan Information Technology Service Industry Association works for greater dynamism and sophistication in the industry through nine activities. These include surveys and research related to business operations and technology, providing information, and international exchange.

Message from the Chairman

Hiroshi Yokotsuka Chairman JISA

We bring about innovation with software
We co-create new business and a brighter future with our customers

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects everything on the Internet, is causing fundamental changes in both the economy and society. We are entering the age of business innovation, in which huge amounts of data from vast numbers of devices in a variety of situations are collected and analysed, leading to the creation of new businesses, one after another. 

In the 10 years from now, past 2020, we expect dynamic changes of a kind that has never before been experienced. Advanced IT like IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will play leading roles in these changes, and the most important role of all in their exploitation is played by software. All socioeconomic activities depend greatly on software, and there is no doubt that the coming era will be shaped by software. We are raising the curtain on a new age of activity for the information services industry.

In order to back up this new era, we need to expand our business from the conventional customized software development to create new business that translates globally. Further, we expect the engineers who will support this expansion to lead this innovation by learning new technologies and development techniques, and then armed with these, working with our customers to create and expand our business and generate new markets.

And so, in October 2015 JISA announced “Innovation through Software” as the title of its industry statement “JISA Spirit.” The aim is to take the information services industry up to a higher level, and communicate the attractions of the information services industry to young people. It is a declaration of the major transformation, not just of JISA members, but of the information services industry as a whole, from a “system entrustment” industry to a “value creation” industry.

In accordance with the JISA Spirit, managers and engineers gathered at the JISA Digital Masters Forum (JDMF) held in November 2015, where many young people participated enthusiastically, as well as those in management. Then beginning in 2016, we are launching themed projects where we ourselves take the lead in innovation: support for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, digitalization of middle school education and more. We are working on a variety of endeavors with a view to bringing about digital innovation.

We are keenly aware that software is the foundation of all industries, and that the information services industry’s mission is to lead, so that all industries can win on the global stage. Looking ahead, we intend to involve the entire industry in order to fulfil that responsibility, and ask for your guidance and support toward that end.

June 2016

Hiroshi Yokotsuka

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