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About JISA

Japan Information Technology Service Industry Association works for greater dynamism and sophistication in the industry through nine activities. These include surveys and research related to business operations and technology, providing information, and international exchange.

Message from the Chairman

Hiroshi Yokotsuka Chairman JISA

We produce innovation with software,
We create and develop new business with our customers,
We create new markets, generating a brighter future

Currently, the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects all things on the Internet, is changing the existence of economic society from the roots. We are entering a business innovation age in which a large amount of data is collected from a variety of local massive devices and then analyzed, leading to many new businesses.

Amidst this, on the customer side, big changes are taking place, including on the system side, such as 'Aggressive IT operations,' which changes awareness of IT from a cost to an investment, reconsideration of outsourcing from the perspective of IT governance and security measures, the how IT procurement and investment should be, such as direct procurement from the end user sector, etc.

At the same time, we, in the information services industry, can take great leaps regardless of region and size of corporation by acquiring expertise and originality, developing original software and then creating innovative business with customers using the power of this software, thanks to the infiltration of new business environments such as serviceability and digital marketing through cloud.

In the next 10 years through 2020, we expect dynamic changes that no one has ever experienced before. Software sits on center-stage for these changes. All operations in economic society depend greatly on software and the era will without a doubt be formed by software. Furthermore, we are working to drop the curtain on the era of new activities in the future of the information service industry.

In order to become a supporter in this era, we must expand our business field from the conventional entrusted software development to creating new business that translates globally.

We are fully aware that software is the base of all industry and of our mission to lead so that all industries in the information services industry have an upper hand in the world. We will continue to take the position of carrying out that responsibility in full and support the industry as a whole going forward and we ask for your continued guidance and encouragement.

June 2015

Hiroshi Yokotsuka

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